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About the Mesa Family Advocacy Center

The Mesa Family Advocacy Center: Where police and advocates, Department of Child Safety, Office of Child Welfare Investigations, prosecuting attorneys and on-site physicians work together to reduce the trauma of physical and sexual abuse – where victimization is transformed into empowerment.

As the lead agency for the Mesa Family Advocacy Center, the Mesa Police Department has designed a unique, community-oriented, collaborative approach to investigating and intervening in adult and child sexual and severe physical abuse cases. Our detectives are specifically trained to be sensitive to, and knowledgeable of, the trauma of cases of sexual and severe physical abuse of adults and children.

The Mesa Family Advocacy Center operates as a multi-disciplinary team to provide a coordinated, trauma-informed response to victims of sexual and domestic violence. The Mesa Police Department works in partnership with the Office of Child Welfare Investigations, Honor Health, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, victim advocates and other community agencies in one location provide a single point of contact for victims of sexual and domestic violence. Our services are free of charge and include forensic examinations, victim advocacy, counseling and connection to community resources.

On Scene Crisis Intervention Services

The Mesa Family Advocacy Centers’ Victim Services Unit provides a variety of services for victims of crime and their families including crisis intervention, criminal justice advocacy, protective order assistance, safety planning, Victims’ Rights information and connection to community resources and information to reduce the impact of criminal victimization.

The Mesa Family Advocacy Center Is Here to Help